Parking Set Automated Parking Solutions Group of Companies created and developed innovative solutions to be implemented in the area of modern parking business: our fully automated parking system is another step to innovative life.

Originally this fully automated parking technology was designed, created and implemented in the market by a talented team of engineers and managers based in Israel. First projects started to emerge 6-7 years ago. In 2018 this technology was acquired by  Shikma Knowledge & Technology LTD.  who renovated and upgraded it and is now a sole manufacturer of it. Since then Parking Set is a partner to Shikma K&T who is entitled to promote, sell and implement projects for parking infrastructure improvement using renovated technology. In addition to this, Parking Set  handles to design and implement new products for parking and storage needs, which are in high demand in the market.

This product can be purchased as a “turn-key solution with full delivery and servicing. And it can be customized to get a client-oriented solution in accordance to your parking requirements to meet your specific criteria. This technology allows a solution having no limitations on vehicle’s size or weight! Eco vehicles, vans or pick-up tracks all use the same standard module.

You can say good-bye to tons of concrete, space-consuming corridors and ramps! And please welcome an innovative solution of comfortable simplicity and user-friendly features!
Parking Set is an environment sensitive and energy-efficient technology !

Parking Set Automated Parking Solutions Group of companies is a dynamic business targetting at creation and servicing international parking network based on the projects constructed and developed in past.
Modular parking solutions ParkingSet allow creating unique parking facilities that will incorporate customer’s needs for each property or area. An unusual configuration and non-standard dimensions are not an issue any more – we can work out a solution that will perfectly suit you!
We can also create parking space on water, using our partners – HouseBoat technologies. This can be used to arrange for parking spaces on rivers or lakes and even in downtown.

Creating network: Our unique technologies and practical knowledge allow us “cloning” management and servicing concept everywhere without limit.


Let’s make city infrastructure nature-friendly and comfortable!

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Parking Set Automated Parking Solutions Group of companies is a HouseBoat partner and holds right of sales of HouseBoat products – topclass houses located on water. HouseBoat is a company dedicated to create living space on water for people who are fond of comfortable lifestyle on the water.

Being a Danish design company (based in Denmark), HouseBoat created and continues developing houses on water which are not only hi-class, but also perfectly fit to live year-round  in such Nordic countries like Sweden, Norway, Canada or even Alaska. They differ from similar houseboats as they are specifically designed and constructed to  withstand severe winters and be used in the frozen waters without any complication.

A powerful frame is built according to shipbuilding industry ice rate requirements. And in regards to the parking capability, HouseBoat technology can be implemented for a multilevel automated parking construction – solely on water.

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Parking Set Automated Parking Solutions Group of companies is a talented professional team worldwide whose experience has been honed through many years of design, development, construction and project management of parking areas.
Our team includes civil engineers and architects, developers and real estate managers and operators, IT specialists, security and cyber-security and many others.
Over the years we have developed and maintained cooperation and partnership relations with leading companies in the corresponding business areas of human expertise, which are vital to our success and our services will always be above your expectations.

We invite clients, potential development partners and investors for cooperation.