We are a customer-oriented company, with highly professional and fully transparent service as well as the entire delivery process and further maintaining of the parking areas, and an innovative product along with top of the art engineering skills is guaranteed.

Originally this fully automated parking technology was designed, created and implemented in the market by a talented team of engineers and managers in Israel. First projects started to emerge 6-7 years ago. In 2018 this technology was acquired by Shikma Knowledge & Technology LTD. who renovated and upgraded it and is now a sole manufacturer of it. Since then Parking Set is a partner to Shikma who is entitled to promote, sell and implement projects for parking infrastructure improvement using renovated technology. In addition to this, Parking Set  handles to design and implement new products for parking and storage needs, which are in high demand in the market.

Our Philosophy
We are the manufacturer of the highly efficient eco-friendly systems. We commit to use the space in a highly efficient manner with utmost reliability and comfort.
The value of the partnership with SKIDATA is that we can have a customized APC solution for you for a private use. IT aspects, programming end services are the proprietary technology designed and manufactured by our own technical division in a close cooperation with Ability Factors (Singapore) who are also responsible for the Asian market technological integration.
Our specialists are experienced in APC design, development, configuration and construction. You are most welcome to see our first APCs and full operation process in Israel.
You are invited to visit our parking facilities so that we could show you how it works.

Let us introduce our international team:
Alex Kahn,
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ParkingSet Group of Companies, (based in Israel)
Bachelor in Business Administration and Commercial Real Estate Management. Managing operations in parking real estate segment since 2005. Portfolio includes over 350 parking projects.
e-mail: parkingset.bnc@gmail.com

Вoris Perelman,
Lawyer, ParkingSet Group of Companies, (based in Israel)
Alexander Zapisetskiy,
Business Development Manager, ParkingSet Group of Companies (based in London, United Kingdom)
……………………………..Phone: +447388849240.
Oleg Rebeza,
IT Chief Officer, Business Development Officer, ParkingSet Group of Companies (based in St. Petersburg, Russia)
2017 – 2020
SPI (State Public Institution) ”City Parking Management Center in St. Petersburg”,(Transportation Infrastructure Development Committee).
Directorate Counselor – IT and Import Substitution supervising.
2015 – 2016
SPI (State Public Institution) “Administrator of the Moscow parking area (Transport and Transportation Infrastructure Development Department)”.
Head of IT department, Chief of IT Directorate.
The IT Directorate included: management of IT systems development and support (Technical Analytics Department, Development Department, Back Office, Technical Support Department, Statistics and Analytics Department).

Yulia “Jules” Vasilieva,
Chief Operations Officer, ParkingSet Group of Companies (based in Israel)
Purchasing Manager at APS AirParts Services & Supplies.
Regional EHS and RealEstate&Facilities Manager for CIS at CISCO.
Regional Real Estate & Facilities Manager for Russia & CIS at EMC.

Peter Coachman, Partner to ParkingSet Group of Companies
Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer (based in Canada)

Native of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Peter is a graduate of Canadian Securities Institute (Ottawa) and Canadian Institute
of Financial Planning (Toronto).
Vast experience in various business associations operating in the North-West region of Russia and financial and investment spheres for both private and institutional customers, financial area of real estate and hospitality sector. An author of financial
analytical research in Canadian media.
General Director of Eastern-European branch of a British development company providing broad spectrum of property-related services in Croatia, Montenegro, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, ranging from investment, development, management, valuation, to surveying and other aspects.
Founder of the Advanced Technopark Solutions and a Junior Partner in LSE–listed GIG Capital Ltd. (London, UK).
Since June 2006 a Vice-President of Technopolis Oyj, a NASDAQ listed company and Technopolis Russian Operations General Director since February 2007.
Director for Strategic development at ITMO Highpark, over 1 billion US$ project. Managing the project of construction of the modern smart city in St.Peterburg, Russia. (Smart InnoCity ITMO HIGHPARK ): university campus, technopark, scientific and research facilities, incubators, production facilities etc.

Simar Selezov, Partner to ParkingSet Group of Companies
Development consultant for the Northern Europe region (based in Estonia)

2007 — 2020.
Marketing Manager at AS Merko Ehitus.
2007 — 2020.
Sales Marketing Manager Merco Ehitus.
2004 — 2008.
TalTeh — Tallinn University of Technology. BA, Business.
2004 — 2007.
University of Bedfordshire. BA(Hons), Marketing.

Yuri Anisimov, Partner to ParkingSet Group of Companies
Chief Strategy Officer, (based in New Zealand).


Quantum Research Masters in Physics, an associated professor in Science Academy Russia.
Head of Technology Hewlett Packard, regional VP at Hewlett Packard in Japan and Singapore.
Responsible for technology programs implementation and IT outsourcing for financial multinational companies in Asia.
A former Director, Westdeutsche Landesbank, Japan, Head of Technology and Servises, and Head of Trading and Operations infrastructure.
Currently Yuri is a MD, Ability Factors Pte Ltd, system. (Singapore).