Parking and Storage projects.

Individual design.

Customized approach.

For many years, our specialists have been creating unique automatic parking solutions for residential and commercial premises. We fulfil the design binding of our equipment to the installation site based on the individual characteristics of the area or the geometric configuration of the room and taking into account all peculiarities and requimenets of the project  to ensure most comfortable operation of the parking facility. We create as many parking spaces as each project requires, we install and maintain our parking and storage systems. As a part of our unique Israeli company an international team of professionals operates in international market to ensure best services possible.

Based on the customized solutions for every potential parking and storage requirements inside or outside your, our customers will never be limited to a one-stacker approach building  using our product.
Our highly qualified technical managing team will support you with all details on  your project and answer all your questions and design a parking / warehouse solution or a combination of both, according to your individual requirements. Professional project management  is ensured at every facility as an important element of each project leading to its success, regardless of size and volume. Unique character of our projects is that we work with complicated geometric shapes and configurations, so that the absolute possible number of high-speed, safe and comfortable parking spaces is ensured, unlike the other solutions that offer standard stackers. And in the most cases we provide our customers with the unique space-planning solution they need.
We are focused on user friendly feature, functionality, reliability, efficient and sustainable technology and cost-effectiveness while implementing the project. Our technology was originally developed in Israel, so user safety is one of our top priorities.
Our entire management team, the team of engineers, designers, project managers and administrators are available 24/7 to keep in touch with you on your project. It goes without saying that the Parking Set team is involved at every stage of the process, from design to installation, to service and maintenance agreements.Our designers, engineers and manufacturers put all their efforts and time to maintain and improve your system, both in terms of design and functionality. We take a close look at each parking configuration to the smallest detail to achieve the most cost-efficient and convenient system possible.
We create ideal parking systems for any project, taking into account its individual parameters and functional features. We can design a solution within an existing  structure, rather than offer you standard stackers requiring further modification of a building to fit the installation.
Depending on whether your project is a residential or public building, commercial real estate or a separate parking lot, a turn-key solution is provided — including not only storage areas for goods or vehicles, but also as a complete set of everything you need for perfect parking management, professional data management and reporting, optimizing business processes, services and increasing the level of satisfaction of the end-users. Access control systems, payment facilities and monitoring systems we install give end-users the advantage of a thoughtful, comprehensive solution from a single developer, our partners, the world industry leader Skidata. The integration of our equipment (the storage area for vehicles) with the products of Skidata, a company committed to innovation, gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the latest technologies and services throughout the entire life cycle of the facility.

Parking Set



= Complete Succes

Our engineers responsible for technology development will collect full scope of details from your team to design a parking space according to your needs and requirements, we do not need to involve any external consultant as an intermediary chain.
Our international team will maintain projects in English for world wide including entire project documentation and in Hebrew for Israel. For any technical or architectural inquiry, we will provide a profound answer. 
Many projects cannot implement an automated parking solution because of the building configuration. Its unforeseen elements or internal structural features do not allow  installation of standard stackers. We are constantly facing this situation, and yet we manage to overcome the obstacle by changing the configuration of our equipment and deliver an exclusive and individual solution.
Your autocad file or a land layout will be thoroughly inspected and  a turnkey solution will be designed and provided for your review. 

Project management.

The importance of a professional assessment of the potential parking location in terms of its development and operation is the first priority to start with, regardless of its size and volume.
Our experienced and friendly team are the qualified engineers with high competence and accumulated experience in the practice of planning, organizing, optimizing the scope of works and managing project resources to meet contract requirements, on time and on budget.
We apply knowledge, skills, tools and techniques, working in harmony with your team to organize and manage the effort required to complete a successful project. Such important qualities as leadership, communication skills and adaptability allow our project managers to manage not only projects, but also their teams, working in partnership with our clients to achieve the desired result for all stakeholders.
We are aware of many examples  of construction mistakes and weaknesses that would have required hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of dollars to fix if we were unable to make qualified changes to parking equipment.
In each case, we were able to find an optimal solution to create as many parking spaces as possible. Project managers work at all levels to ensure a smooth installation at every site.

Customer service.
We delve into details of each project, and we give our clients a unique customized solution meeting thei requirements. 
Regardless of the  project complexity profile whther it’s a planned project, a building being renovated, or an existing real estate property, we treat each customer individually.
Functionality, safety, reliability, efficient and sustainable technology, further operational profitability – all these critical components of the prosess are considered and worked out professionlaly at the highest level.
Our team is well qualified and experienced to work on your project with care and attention to all details.

Service and maintenance.
Maintenance of your parking spaces, car lift/elevator, reception area or ring is as important as it is for your car or any other machinery or equipment.
The scope of services we offer include maintenance services to ensure that the equipment works well, is in perfect condition and is in service for many years after installation and commissioning.
Qualified and experienced  technical staff will monitor the performance and maintain your parking facility to ensure high level of functionality, high standards of computer, technical and physical security which is our top priority.

24/7 service.
Our service and maintenance specialists are available 24/7, the operation of the systems is provided with round-the-clock monitoring via remote access in order to track any issue that may arise with the equipment installed in each facilities. Time to resolve the issue is the shortest possible that maybe resolved with a phone call. If a problem cannot be solved remotely and it is mechanical, an engineer and technical specialist will be involved immediately and will inspect the  your parking facility for any malfunction as soon as possible.