The innovative technology for automated storage of goods was developed, patented and went into production in Israel based on the tremendous work carried out by the engineers of our Group of Companies.

Originally this fully automated parking technology was designed, created and implemented in the market by a talented team of engineers and managers in Israel. First projects started to emerge 6-7 years ago. In 2018 this technology was acquired by Shikma Knowledge & Technology LTD. who renovated and upgraded it and is now a sole manufacturer of it. Since then Parking Set is a partner to Shikma K&T who is entitled to promote, sell and implement projects for parking infrastructure improvement using renovated technology. In addition to this, Parking Set  handles to design and implement new products for parking and storage needs, which are in high demand in the market.

The first full automated parking project was implemented in Tel-Aviv in 2013. (Pictures and videos are attached). At present, a total of 15 parking facilities have been constructed and operating successfully in Israel.

That’s how it works:

Parking Set modular automated system allows creating  unique parking facilities meeting all customer requirements. Simplicity and standardization of our parking system creates advantage in front of the other systems: the four standard elements of the Parking Set manufactured at our facilities are the basis to create an automated parking pool in any even most challenging location. We use the most of the available space  – up to 85%, no matter whether it is a new construction or a renovation project. PARKING SET system is designed having no limits for any vehicle’s size or weight! Eco cars, vans or pick-up tracks all use the same module standards. Our equipment can be installed exactly where it is needed – only one step away from the places that car owners want to visit. The system is versatile: the capacity can easily be increased or decreased, and moved totally to the different location or building.
Parking Set is designed to offer several parking configurations:

One-level parkings. Multilevel parkings. Tower parkings. Multilevel puzzle-type parkings.

We can say good-bye to tons of concrete, space-consuming corridors and ramps!
And we can welcome its simplicity and user-friendly feature!

First Automated parking facility was mounted inside the building under renovation project, Tel-Aviv (Israel). 2013. Capacity of the parking pool there was designed for 10 parking lots.

1. Using ParkingSet technology you can design and construct automated parking areas of any size: 4 or 10 – or thousands parking lots. They can be of any type and size – from small semi-automatic or automatic parking locations for small commercial or office buildings or large fully automated parking pools for commercial, retail or conference centers and expositions.

2. Our advantage in front of our competitors is the fllowing: ParkingSet is a combination of  independent active system components (elevators, transporters, carts and trolleys) working simultaneously, which increases speed and efficiency drastically. At the same time, all these parts are reliable, simple and repair-friendly.

3. ParkingSet is a modular system. All modules, from units to control and management system are standardized and are completely interchangeable.

4. Using ParkingSet solutions you can implement a SpeedyParking mode with optimal space/volume use and maximum collection and delivery speed. ParkingSet is designed and  configured by the system developers for each specific project with all  its functional peculiarities.

5. You can install ParkingSet automated equipment in any non-standard space, of any volume and of any complexity level due to our unique modular system.

6. You can easily fit ParkingSet system to operate the warehouse units instead of the usual units. Automated parking facility is as efficient in operation as an Automated Warehouse facility. It can also be used for mixed purposes as Automated Parking Boxes (mid- and long term car storage), and as a combined “Parking-Warehouse” system for large retail operators as well. 

7. ParkingSet is a perfect tool for a variety of parking design solutions: small or large towers, vertical, horizontal or combined carousels, shuttle systems and others.

Comparison of the ParkingSet and the other technologies:

Standard parking solutionsParking Set solutions
Current parking lot efficiency — not more than 50%.
Standard lots only.
Low capacity (max 60%).
Parking lot efficiency – 80%, capable to increase to 94%.
Almost for any property.
High capacity (94%).
Step by step operation. As a result,
long waiting time for both cars check-in and return.
Parking operator is limited by the level and box size.
Slow and sequential.
Parallel operation on all operational stages.
Waiting time is comparatively less.
No limits on level size and garage height.
Very Fast due to parallel configuration.
Malfunction sensitive.
Some of the equipment items
if malfunctioned or broke, cause entire parking facility for a standstill.
High vulnerability – parking
jamming in case of malfunction.
Any malfunction or breaking does not prevent the system from normal
All processes are doubled for security purposes.
System failure as a result of a breakdown is absolutely impossible.
It continues operating perfectly even in case of malfunction or breaking of parts.
Limitation on use.
The combined objects can not be
maintained properly.
If non-standard lots required:
customized option to be very expensive.
The system is fully universal and can maintain combined objects on high level.
Automated parking area and automated warehouse are can be combined all in one.
Standard elements applied only, inexpensive mass production.
Minimal area required 40×60 mMinimal area required is not limited.

ParkingSet technology:
Reduces traffic & saves space.
No air pollution inside the parking area.
Environmentally friendly, electrical only (no oils waste-water recycling in the system).

Parking Set — patented technology for automated parking areas.

Can be designed and configured further to any requirement of the

(Cell) – is the main ParkingSet electromechanical unit. Its function is to store pallets and to transport them back and forth on to the adjacent cell. The cell can operate as an independent unit or as one of three base electromechanical units: Shuttle, Ring and Elevator. Cells are the static units of the APC in our system. Every cell is an independent unit which has its own operational system (Controller and PLC), engine, etc. APC cannot operate without cells.

(Pallet) – is a platform where the driver places the vehicle. It remains on the pallet until the vehicle is returned to the clielnt. Pallet moves whether the vehicle is available or unavailable on it.

(Shuttle) – is the basic electromechanical APC unit. It keeps the pallet moving back and forth, left and right onto the adjacent cell. While moving it stops twice or more, getting the cell (which is the part of the pallet) hooked up with another cell. Every shuttle is an independent mechanism, which has its own operational system (Controller & PLC), engine, etc. There is an option to configure an APC operation not involving the shuttle.

(Ring) – is the main ParkingSet electromechanical unit. It rotates the pallets for 180 to ensure the reverse position of the vehicle when the driver leaves the car “hood in” and receives it back “hood out”. Should the vehicle be placed in the box, the ring can rotate to the extent required to allow entrance/exit direction. Every Ring is an independent mechanism with its own operational system (Controller & PLC), engines, etc . APC operation can be configured without involvement of the Ring.

(Elevator) – is the main ParkingSet electromechanical unit. It keeps the pallets and moves them back and forth onto adjacent cells, and upward and downward. While moving it stops twice or more, getting the cell hooked up with another cell. An Elevator is an independent mechanism with its own operational system (Controller & PLC), engines, etc. APC operation can be configure without involvement of an Elevator.

(Box) – The box is a space/chamber where the driver checks in or receives the vehicle back. An empty pallet arrives to the box/chamber, the driver leaves the car on the pallet and exits the chamber. Or, on the call, the pallet arrives to the box with a vehicle on it, and the driver gets into it and leaves the parking space.

The ParkingSet solution can be integrated into a project at any stage: a design phase, development or (re)construction phase. We can help you to complement your existing design with APC, or to create additional parking spaces even during construction stage. If the construction project is fully completed and the building is in place and ready, we still can create additional parking lots. In this case usually we are able to add the amount of existing spaces twice at the minimum.

Diversity of the ParkingSet:
Opposite to any other parking system, ParkingSet is a multifunctional system capable to serve as:

  1. Automated warehouse.
  2. Automated Parking Pool.
  3. Combination of the warehouse and parking in one.
  4. Vehicle show-tower (for auto dealers – as a showroom and as a warehouse, also may be used for clients and staff parking.
  5. Automated warehouseboat (also can be combined with car parking).
  6. APC on water (using HouseBoat technology).

If you are a landlord, you can choose any of the above options to run it successfully, or if you are a managing company, we can offer you an option of having a project with us on installing and maintaining a parking or a warehouse facility and have your customers rent the parking spaces guaranteed.

Or if you are an owner of the existing parking area, we can offer a project of increasing parking or warehouse capacity.

Parking Set is an Automatic Parking Solutions Group of companies that manufactures entire scope of equipment including all metal parts, mechanisms and other supplies required, provides its supply and delivery, works out on design and legal aspects of the
You are welcome to see and visit existing parking pools to get a full vision on how an Automated Parking System operate.

Below you can watch 2 videos on how the technology works: